1. The O Ga. Automatic Controls Playlist

Shortcut #1: CLICK HERE to view the Youtube PLAYLIST #7
for the O-gauge automatic control videos

(2 analog videos,
7 DCC videos)

screen capture of playlist 7

Comments about the above playlist:
(The 2 below images are from 2 of those 7 DCC videos)

image for Video 824

There are seven O gauge videos made Dec. 2019 — that demonstrate DCC automatic control of MTH O-gauge Protosound diesels (links are in the above playlist)

The links for the JPEG sketches & photos for these 7 videos #820 thru #826 are on the home page at autocontrols.wordpress .com – paragraphs 4 thru 9 on the home page.

The PDF’s of these same drawings and sketches for these 7 videos are in this Google Drive album: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A1zBDaCh7tucq8qncx84mTgahJaNOGUb

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