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  • These 3 AutoControls.org websites contain videos, plans, and other information for automatically controlling multiple trains on the same track — information created over the past 29 years starting in 1988.
  • Demonstrations are done in Largescale, 3-rail O gauge, S gauge, HO gauge, and 2 videos including N gauge.
  • Some demonstrations are done in DC (a couple using AC), and some are done using NMRA DCC.
    • Most of the DCC videos use a $49 “programmable automatic train controller” known as the NCE “Mini-Panel”; several use the “DCC-BitSwitch” method.

Videos Organized by Playlists:

  • The ‘Home’ page at Autocontrols.org contains approximately 16 playlists organized by the “scale” (N, HO, S, O, or Largescale), and an additional 4 playlists organized by type of control.
  • If you’re NEW to this website, I suggest you view the videos shown in the first playlist “A01 Compilation & 4 Featured Videos”.