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(This page last modified 8/17/2023.)

Please watch
part of below
introductory video for

O-Ga. streetcar operation

Video is at Youtube 835 or Vimeo 835 (56 min).

Album 835 has the documentation (photos, drawings, & commands).

Video #836, 7 Cars on 1 Loop, “Midwest Traction Hub 3, 7 MTH O-gauge PCC Cars on 1 Track” —
Youtube 836 or Vimeo 836 (43 min.)
==>> Album #836 has photos & PDF Documentation.

Image 1 – These 3 MTH Proto-3 PCC streetcars are controlled automatically in the above Video #834 — using a DCC ‘Programmable Model Train Controller’

Earlier Video #831 shows the DCC ‘Programmable Model Train Controller’ operating 6 N-Ga. streetcars

Image 2 – Myself James Ingram and my 6 MTH O-Ga. PCC cars (plus 1 Brill at the end). Three of these PCC cars are Protosounds 3 and thus can operate on DCC. The other 4 cars are older cars, and cannot run on DCC, but I may someday be able to get decoders added to them, so that they WILL be able to run on DCC.