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1. The 25 Video Playlists

(This section modified 11/14/2020)

About the Playlists:

Following below is 1 Compilation playlist (A01), then about 16 playlists ordered by SCALE (A02-A17), then finally about 8 playlists ordered by TYPE OF CONTROL (DC18-DCC-25).

The Videos page on archive Site3 has an INDEX by video number number, and descriptions of the videos.

Note the links (A01, A02, etc go to YOUTUBE.
An alternate link to the same playlist on VIMEO (vimeo.01, etc) is also provided.

1A. The Compilation Playlist

The AutoControls ‘Compilation Video’ has excerpts from 6 DC & 6 DCC videos, up thru 8/2017. The 4 ‘featured videos’ are 2 of the more interesting DC videos, and 2 of the more interesting DCC videos.

1B. Video Playlists Ordered By SCALE

Scale: Note that the following playlists A02-A17 are ordered (1) by ‘Scale’, then (2) by type of control used (DC or DCC), then (3) by whether or not TURNOUTS are used as part of the control system.

Videos #827 & #828 show the LATEST 3-trains-on-1-track and 2-trains-on-1 track programs; they’re in N-Ga. Playlist ‘A02’ immediately below.

1C. Playlists Ordered By Type of CONTROL

Note: The following playlists DC18-DCC25 contain the SAME videos as the above playlists. They are just grouped by type of control, rather than by scale.

= Analog (DC & AC) Controls =

= DCC Controls =

  • DCC22 Getting Started With NCE Mini-Panel, for DCC Automatic Train Controls (vimeo.22)
  • DCC23 DCC AutoControls, NCE Mini-Panel, NO turnouts (vimeo.23)
  • DCC24 DCC AutoControls, NCE Mini-Panel, w/Turnouts (vimeo.24)
  • DCC25 DCC AutoControls, DCC-BitSwitch & Relays, NO turnouts (vimeo.25)

= Other =

  • E26 SUPERSEDED AutoControls videos. These videos have been replaced by newer or better quality versions. (vimeo.26)
  • E27 Reference List of ALL Automatic Controls Videos made by James Ingram, posted on Youtube (same videos as in above Playlists A1 – E26. (Note the last 6 videos in the list, are “superseded” videos from Playlist ‘E26’.) (vimeo.27)
  • The page contains 6 more “Layout” playlists G28-S35 that show trains, but have no automatic controls.

There are also 2 other playlists (X37 Dance & X38 Miscellaneous) that have nothing to do with trains.

FYI 1: More Playlist Comments:

There are about 25 automatic control playlists, 6 train layout playlists {show trains, but no automatic controls}, and 2 miscellaneous playlists.

The automatic controls playlists’ numbers begin with “A” (A01- A17), and “DC” or “DCC” (DC18 – DCC25) for the last 8 playlists.

  • This link shows ALL Youtube playlists for videos made by James Ingram (aka Unfortunately, since Youtube gives you no “A-Z” option to display them in alphabetical order, they display in a JUMBLED order. (vimeo playlists)

FYI 2: About The Video NUMBERS

Videos numbered with the ‘600’ series numbers are ‘analog‘ (DC or AC) AutoControls videos.
* Videos numbered with the ‘800’ series numbers are DCC AutoControls videos.

Videos numbered with the ‘9202’ series numbers are the ORIGINAL year 1992 videos — originally recorded on Hi-8 & SVHS videotape. They’re all Largescale DC controls, using stock LGB components.

Videos numbered with the ‘200’ series numbers are model railroad videos (mostly layouts). They contain NO automatic controls content.

Videos numbered with the ‘100’ series numbers (miscellaneous) and ‘400’ series numbers (dance) have NO model railroading content.


2. FYI: Navigating the 3 AutoControls Sites

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3. The Facebook Group

  • Latest information is on the Facebook group, at
  • This group is “Public”, i.e. ANYONE with a Facebook ID, can BROWSE the content of the group, WITHOUT needing to join it.
  • You need to be a member to POST a message.
  • Messages are restricted to ONLY topics about automatic controls.

4. Miscellaneous Photos

Largescale 4-track automatic yard

Dec. 2001, the Largescale 4-Track “Zellner Yard”, seen in Video 9606.

S-gaugeautomatic controls demonstration layout

July 2017, S-gauge Convention display, seen in Video 818-2/2

portable O-gauge automatic point-to-point display

Feb. 2020, 7’9″ long x 6″ wide O-gauge display, automatically controls 2 MTH diesels running point-to-point, seen in Video 824B